Is anyone else getting Error 7003 from the Medium iOS app?

The Medium iOS app error: Recently I started re-importing my blog posts into Medium (a post on the ins and outs of this to come) and now I’ve started getting this error from Medium’s iOS app: Now, it’s possibly throwing errors because I hit my post limit but I can’t be sure.  Medium’s support site […]

How To Turn On Semantic Highlighting for PHP in PhpStorm

I have to be honest with you: semantic highlighting for PHP has changed my coding life.  I am very much spoiled by it now and you know what, I don’t mind at all.  There I said it.  I am definitely a code snob now and I am perfectly ok with it.  I am also much […]

Dropping the Twitter App and My Addiction: Update

Back in January of this year, I decided to drop Twitter (and my Twitter addiction) cold turkey when I realized that Twitter was taking up too much of my life.  I even started associating my self-worth with likes and retweets and I was just way too involved in it for it to be healthy. To […]

How advertising killed the mobile game

What gives? Now I can see that I unknowingly took part in the birth of an ad-driven monster and the eventual demise of the quality mobile game. When free games first came to the iPhone, I thought “Yes!! Now I don’t have to pay to play those awesome games I always wanted to play but […]