v1.2 of the php-d3-lib has been released

Yeah buddy!!  I am happy to announce v1.2 of the php-d3-lib has been released and merged into the master branch.

The highlights:

Check it out on Github and feel free to contribute.  If you have ideas or would like to discuss more, leave a comment, drop me a line or reach out to me on Twitter.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Php-d3-lib: v1.2 – The Plan

Development has begun on v1.2 of php-d3-lib and I am excited to announce the plan for this version:

  • Add centralized color handling for all graph and chart builders
  • Add centralized tool-tip handling for all graph and chart builders
  • Add an interactive sunburst chart
  • Further abstract commonly used components and clean up the js code where possible
  • Add additional documentation both to the code, to the example sites and to github.

At this point, I am on track for the above to-do list but if it possible to accomplish without drastic delay, I’d also like to include the following features:

  • Add a Visualization class for handling visuals that don’t fall into a chart or a graph (like the US map visual below)
  • Add a US map visual and with a data overlay

If these extra visuals based features don’t make it in v1.2, they will definitely be included in v1.3.

Please feel free to contribute to the project. You can leave a comment or contact me with ideas or just submit a pull-request on the current dev branch: v1.2.

Happy coding! 😁

Php-d3-lib update: v1.1 has been released

Woot!  I am happy to report that Php-d3-lib v1.1 has been rolled out.

v1.1 includes:

  • a brand new simple line graph option with tool tips
  • all existing graphs and charts updated to D3.js v4
  • all graphs and charts updated with the “autosize” option so graphs will size to their container on load and screen resize
  • General code improvements
  • Cleaned up examples

The code is up on Github in the master branch if you would like to contribute to it or use it.


Development continues with v1.2

Development is ongoing and the items below are what I am planning for the next release, v1.2:

  • Add a sunburst chart generator
  • Add a class for handling color processing for all charts and graphs
  • Add a class for handling tooltips for all charts and graphs
  • Additional code cleanup both the js and PHP

If you have a feature, graph or chart you would like to see included in an upcoming release, please feel free to contact me about it or just submit a PR with it.  This is an open project and your contributions are always welcome. 🙂

As always, please feel free to leave a comment below and enjoy the updated library.

Happy coding!

Progress report: php-d3-lib v1.1 – Simple Line Graph and D3.js v4

Just a quick update on some recent progress made on v1.1 of the php-d3-lib project.  As you know, this project is meant to make the creation of charts and graphs using D3.js easy via a ready-to-go-out-of-the-box PHP Library.

At this point, I have updated all of the existing graphs to use D3.js v4 and also added a new graph type “Simple Line Graph” (which includes tooltips).

This development effort took longer than expected because some of the graph scripts I am using, don’t actually have a D3.js v4 example yet.  As a result, I had to get a little creative and combine different methods from different examples that were using D3.js v4 and then go back and tweak them so they are all somewhat aligned.  Unfortunately, I am not an expert at D3.js so I had to learn and adapt as I went.  Hopefully the outcome will work for folks who wish to use the library in their projects and such.

The Simple Line Graph features a new addition in the form of mouseover tooltips for the data points.  I aim to expand this feature to all of the graphs and make using it even more dev friendly.

The latest commits are up on Github and development continues on the “automatic resizing” option and also adding “tooltips” options to the rest of the graphs to round out version 1.1.

As always, if you want to help or contribute to the project, feel free to submit a PR via Github, leave a comment below or contact me  directly about it.

Thanks for reading and take care.

php-d3-lib v1 released

Woot!  Today, I am proud to announce v1 of php-d3-lib has been released and merged to the master branch.  Check it out on Github and please feel free to fork it or submit a PR.

New stuff in v1:

  • Update d3.js to v4
  • Restructured the underlying codebase to make dev simpler going forward
  • Restructured how new graphs and charts are added
  • Updated all examples to reflect the restructuring changes
  • Added “Dual Scale Bar Graph” as a graphing option
  • Added “Dual Scale Bar Graph” example
  • Added automatic file type detection (.tsv and .csv) when using file as data source
  • Standardized file processing
  • General bugfixes and improvements


Next steps:

I’ve already started working on v1.1 and I plan to include the following:

  • Auto-resizing functionality (right now graph / chart dimensions are set)
  • Automatic container size detection so the graph or chart will fit to the container it is loaded in
  • Broader color options on the existing graphs / charts
  • Tool tip options for all graphs and charts
  • Additional graph and chart types

Thanks for reading and if you would like to help with development on this project, feel free to contact me and/or submit a PR via Github.