v1.2 of the php-d3-lib has been released

Yeah buddy!!  I am happy to announce v1.2 of the php-d3-lib has been released and merged into the master branch. The highlights: Cleaner code formatting Updated DocBlocks and documentation throughout Added a simple sunburst chart and an advanced sunburst chart added an example for exporting the generated chart as a PNG and/or DataUrl Updated the […]

Php-d3-lib: v1.2 – The Plan

Development has begun on v1.2 of php-d3-lib and I am excited to announce the plan for this version: Add centralized color handling for all graph and chart builders Add centralized tool-tip handling for all graph and chart builders Add an interactive sunburst chart Further abstract commonly used components and clean up the js code where […]

Php-d3-lib update: v1.1 has been released

Woot!  I am happy to report that Php-d3-lib v1.1 has been rolled out. v1.1 includes: a brand new simple line graph option with tool tips all existing graphs and charts updated to D3.js v4 all graphs and charts updated with the “autosize” option so graphs will size to their container on load and screen resize […]

Progress report: php-d3-lib v1.1 – Simple Line Graph and D3.js v4

Just a quick update on some recent progress made on v1.1 of the php-d3-lib project.  As you know, this project is meant to make the creation of charts and graphs using D3.js easy via a ready-to-go-out-of-the-box PHP Library. At this point, I have updated all of the existing graphs to use D3.js v4 and also […]

php-d3-lib v1 released

Woot!  Today, I am proud to announce v1 of php-d3-lib has been released and merged to the master branch.  Check it out on Github and please feel free to fork it or submit a PR. New stuff in v1: Update d3.js to v4 Restructured the underlying codebase to make dev simpler going forward Restructured how […]