How to “unclap” in the Medium iOS app

Have you ever accidentally clapped for something you didn’t want to clap for on Medium? Me too. In fact I thought, “well if I hold the clap button down, some options may come up”. They didn’t. I added another 5-6 claps instead. Awesome. 😞

After much hunting around, I finally came upon the way you “unclap” within the Medium iOS app and as it turns out, the “undo claps” option is hidden away within the “share” menu.

Let me repeat… The unclap option is in the share menu.

Talk about hiding it well.

Steps to unclap:

  1. Go to the article you accidentally clapped for.
  2. Open the share menu.
  3. Press the “undo claps” button (see image below)

It may just be me but why would you place the “unclap” option within a “share” menu? The clap button is large and prominent and follows you around Medium but the unclap option is squirreled away in the last place you would look.

This is odd to me but it could be that the app devs just needed a place to put it while on a deadline and that seemed like a reasonable spot at the time.

Anywho, there it is. Just remember, if you clap for something by mistake, your solution lives in the share menu. 😑

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