php-tui-chart: A PHP wrapper for the Toast UI (TUI) Chart Javascript Library

The php-tui-chart project is a PHP wrapper for the ToastUI (TUI) Charts Javascript library.  This wrapper makes for easy integration of TUI Charts into PHP applications.  Just load the PHP class and the TUI Chart assets (CSS / JS ) and off you go.

Check out the project on Github or visit the blog for more info.

php-d3-lib : A PHP library for d3.js


This project is still very early stage but hopefully it will provide a rockin’ way for PHP devs to create cool stuff with d3.js without having to code javascript.

Check out the php-d3-lib project on github and /or checkout the blog. Feel free to contribute and / or leave a comment. 🙂

cloudinary-for-codeigniter: Easily Integrate Cloudinary into CodeIgniter

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 4.40.58 PM

One of the issues currently with CodeIgniter 3 and its library system is that it does not support direct loading libraries that use namespaces.  Case in point, Cloudinary and it’s PHP API library.

To resolve this, I created an easy to use solution that indirectly loads Cloudinary’s library via a dummy library file. It’s easy to implement and the method will work with any library that makes use of namespaces.Visit the Project page or checkout the project on GitHub.