Php-d3-lib: v1.2 – The Plan

Development has begun on v1.2 of php-d3-lib and I am excited to announce the plan for this version:

  • Add centralized color handling for all graph and chart builders
  • Add centralized tool-tip handling for all graph and chart builders
  • Add an interactive sunburst chart
  • Further abstract commonly used components and clean up the js code where possible
  • Add additional documentation both to the code, to the example sites and to github.

At this point, I am on track for the above to-do list but if it possible to accomplish without drastic delay, I’d also like to include the following features:

  • Add a Visualization class for handling visuals that don’t fall into a chart or a graph (like the US map visual below)
  • Add a US map visual and with a data overlay

If these extra visuals based features don’t make it in v1.2, they will definitely be included in v1.3.

Please feel free to contribute to the project. You can leave a comment or contact me with ideas or just submit a pull-request on the current dev branch: v1.2.

Happy coding! 😁

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