php-d3-lib v1 released

Woot!  Today, I am proud to announce v1 of php-d3-lib has been released and merged to the master branch.  Check it out on Github and please feel free to fork it or submit a PR.

New stuff in v1:

  • Update d3.js to v4
  • Restructured the underlying codebase to make dev simpler going forward
  • Restructured how new graphs and charts are added
  • Updated all examples to reflect the restructuring changes
  • Added “Dual Scale Bar Graph” as a graphing option
  • Added “Dual Scale Bar Graph” example
  • Added automatic file type detection (.tsv and .csv) when using file as data source
  • Standardized file processing
  • General bugfixes and improvements


Next steps:

I’ve already started working on v1.1 and I plan to include the following:

  • Auto-resizing functionality (right now graph / chart dimensions are set)
  • Automatic container size detection so the graph or chart will fit to the container it is loaded in
  • Broader color options on the existing graphs / charts
  • Tool tip options for all graphs and charts
  • Additional graph and chart types

Thanks for reading and if you would like to help with development on this project, feel free to contact me and/or submit a PR via Github.

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