Progress report: php-d3-lib v1.1 – Simple Line Graph and D3.js v4

Just a quick update on some recent progress made on v1.1 of the php-d3-lib project.  As you know, this project is meant to make the creation of charts and graphs using D3.js easy via a ready-to-go-out-of-the-box PHP Library.

At this point, I have updated all of the existing graphs to use D3.js v4 and also added a new graph type “Simple Line Graph” (which includes tooltips).

This development effort took longer than expected because some of the graph scripts I am using, don’t actually have a D3.js v4 example yet.  As a result, I had to get a little creative and combine different methods from different examples that were using D3.js v4 and then go back and tweak them so they are all somewhat aligned.  Unfortunately, I am not an expert at D3.js so I had to learn and adapt as I went.  Hopefully the outcome will work for folks who wish to use the library in their projects and such.

The Simple Line Graph features a new addition in the form of mouseover tooltips for the data points.  I aim to expand this feature to all of the graphs and make using it even more dev friendly.

The latest commits are up on Github and development continues on the “automatic resizing” option and also adding “tooltips” options to the rest of the graphs to round out version 1.1.

As always, if you want to help or contribute to the project, feel free to submit a PR via Github, leave a comment below or contact me  directly about it.

Thanks for reading and take care.

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