Introducing php-tui-chart: A PHP wrapper for the Toast UI (TUI) Chart Javascript Library

I love TUI charts. They scale, they span many different chart types, they work nicely, using them is pretty breezy and they all have a consistent look and feel. All that said, TUI charts are still a bit of a pain to work with behind the scenes with PHP and this project is my effort to resolve that pain point.

Php-tui-chart project:

The php-tui-chart project is a PHP wrapper for the ToastUI (TUI) Charts Javascript library. Instead of messing with the Javascript / PHP mixture mess, you can simply load the TUI Charts js file and style sheet, load the PhpTuiChart\Draw() class, feed the class data and echo the result. Using this PHP wrapper is much less fuss overall and since you can load the resulting chart js into a PHP variable, you can do what you want with it.The cool part is that *all of the TUI charts can potentially be loaded because the class uses the chart names from the TUI chart js.  That said, I have only addressed the Bar, Line and Column chart so far but I will be adding more chart types as I find time to work on.


This project is still very much in it’s early stage and code/idea contributions are welcome.  Feel free to submit a PR on Github or send me an email.  The master branch is updated with the latest version.

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