php-d3-lib v1 released

Woot!  Today, I am proud to announce v1 of php-d3-lib has been released and merged to the master branch.  Check it out on Github and please feel free to fork it or submit a PR. New stuff in v1: Update d3.js to v4 Restructured the underlying codebase to make dev simpler going forward Restructured how [...]

Php-d3-lib Development Update v1

It has been some time since I provided any kind of anything for my open source php-d3-lib project so I wanted to take some time to update you on where it is at today and where I would like it to go in the future. My original vision for the php-d3-lib project was to provide [...] : Creating a Multi-Tiered Support Portal in a Single Tiered System

When I first got approached about this project (and I was shown the desired designs and outcomes), the first thing I did was research whether allows for a multi-tiered support portal which supports sub-categories.  This way we could have  Feature Categories within Product Categories and make everyones lives easier, both development wise and [...]

Integrating Cloudinary into CodeIgniter The Easy Way

As I found out on a project just a little while ago, CodeIgniter 3 does not play nice with custom "libraries" that use PHP namespaces and are directly loaded via the "libraries" folder. This is a problem because several PHP based API services use namespaces both to initialize the library code and to interact with the API. [...]