Why do I love? Because God Loved Me First

It’s easy to say WHAT I love: my kids, my wife, my family, friends, etc. but it’s way harder to say WHY. Maybe the WHY is because they make me smile or because they make me feel good about myself. These are legit reasons but they are also very temporary. What about when the people […]

Peace That Passes All Understanding

When do I really feel at peace? Not often enough and the reason is 100% me getting in the way. How often have I completely missed what I am looking for because I am trying so hard to find it? The same goes for peace. I am so busy trying to find it that when […]

Hills and Valleys: A song for every situation

I just heard this song and I can’t get enough of it. God is with us through it all and this song is a great reminder of that. Be encouraged in your walk for you are never alone. Have a listen and I hope it has as positive an effect on you as it does […]

Keep it simple. Rejoice always!

So simple. Super powerful. This verse jumped out and hit me like a punch to the face. If I am rejoicing always, I am not complaining, tearing down, spreading bitterness, being upset, lying, or a million other things that would harm someone else. If I am rejoicing always, I always have Jesus on my heart […]